Anna White- Left Locked In After Appendix Surgery Went Wrong

Same Difference

Anna White was a determined, outgoing 15-year-old with ambitions to become a midwife when she was admitted to the Royal Albert Edward infirmary, Wigan, for appendix surgery in 2011. But despite the routine nature of the procedure, the teenager was left unable to walk or talk after her brain was starved of oxygen due to complications following the surgery.

Now 19, White requires round-the-clock care and communicates by looking at letters on a board to spell out words. Her intellectual capacity is unimpaired but doctors say she faces being “locked in” her body for the rest of her life.

Speaking exclusively for a film made by the Guardian from their home in Wigan, her mother Donna White described Anna as a typical teenager before the surgery. “She was sporty. Loved her life. Very outgoing, very glamorous, very determined.” She was once a keen gymnast and karate brown belt before her…

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