£100,000 Compensation Awarded To Girl Left With Erb’s Palsy At Birth

Same Difference

The family of a girl who was left disabled at birth because of errors made by hospital staff in Dorset has won a £100,000 compensation battle.

Mother Julie-Ann Nash suffers from gestational diabetes which caused her baby, Laura, to be bigger than usual.

Poole Hospital staff used a “corkscrew” method during birth which displaced Laura’s right shoulder. Laura, now six, is unable to use her right arm.

Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has apologised to the family.

The trust said training of doctors had been “strengthened” since Laura’s birth.

Ms Nash said: “It is a relief in one sense because when she is older she can fund herself for her heath and care needs.


She still has difficulty now, she’s unable to dress and feed herself without help
Julie-Ann Nash

“But can you put a figure on reversing a disability that somebody else has caused your child?

“She was…

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