URGENT: Please Sign DPAC Open Letter Calling For More ILF Monies

Same Difference

An urgent call to action from DPAC:

To add your name/the name of your organisation to the below letter contact email mail@dpac.uk.net  or ellen.clifford@inclusionlondon.org.uk before 5pm on Tuesday 17th November.

The social care system is in crisis and unable to meet Disabled people’s support needs.

One of the starkest examples of the inability of the mainstream social care system to adequately meet Disabled people’s needs is presented by the closure of the Independent Living fund, exposing the gap between meaningful independent living and reality.

Both the Minister for Disabled people and the Chancellor gave assurances before the closure that is was a transfer, not a cut.

Objectively the facts bore out the discrepancy between the outcomes delivered by the ILF and how LA administered social care support operates.

Nevertheless, the Chancellor gave a “special assurance” that the government would “demand” that money transferred to Local Authorities…

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