Don’t bring your child to your Jobcentre interview. Pay a childminder yourself to look after them. And other obscene comments and rulings made by Jobcentre staff.

The poor side of life

It’s Autumn and not warm anymore, but we soilder on. As usual we were stood outside Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre for our weekly Jobcentre demo. We give help, comfort and advice to anyone using the Jobcentre that needs it. I’m very proud of the team. We are all very dedicated and the weather doesn’t stop us. We know that to change the system you have to be persistent with your efforts. Shouting and screaming doesn’t always get you anywhere, but challenging the system from the bottom up is sometimes what’s essential. There’s more than one way of getting results. I’m sure I’m regarded by some as the bad smell that won’t go away. And no we aren’t going anywhere.

It started raining heavily amd whilst we were sheltering from the rain a young lady stopped and spoke to us. She is a parent who has tried through the help of…

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