Sick And Disabled People Are More Than Twice As Likely To Die As To Get A Job On Work Programme

Same Difference

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Shocking ‘back to work’ results for people claiming all kinds of sickness benefits in Great Britain over a 4 year period show that just 37,770 obtained a ‘job outcome’, whereas in just over a two year period over 81,000 people died whilst claiming sickness benefits between December 2011 and February 2014.

Compare these two tables:

So the total number of people on sickness or disability benefits with ‘job outcomes’ is just 37,770.

The figures include 7,090 claimants who voluntarily agree to attach themselves to the government’s work programme even though there is no requirement upon them to do so.  Other claimant groups extend to 6,980 Jobseeker Allowance claimants who were at some stage in their past on longer term ‘incapacity benefits’, – a group which will include a large number who have simply ended their sickness claim as their condition improves enabling them…

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