Blind Woman Told To Leave Liverpool Asda Because Of Guide Dog

Same Difference

A blind woman says she “died inside” when she and her guide dog were told to leave an Asda store in Liverpool – as shocked shoppers looked on.

Louise Cannon, accompanied by her harnessed German Shepherd, Harmony, was planning on doing her regular shop with her 12-year-old niece at her local Stonycroft Asda on Green Lane on Friday afternoon.

She says that when she entered the store, a security guard repeatedly told her “go outside” because “no dogs” were allowed.

The embarrassed 34-year-old charity worker says she told the man her dog was a guide dog but the employee still told her to leave the store.

Last night, the American-owned supermarket retailer said it was “genuinely sorry” about the “unacceptable” incident.

Louise, who says she is registered blind, said: “My niece Abbie said, ‘Aunty Lou, that man’s talking to you’.

“I asked him what he’d said and he told me…

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