House of Lords plan move to halt Tory tax credit cuts

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Jeremy Corbyn challenges David Cameron over tax credit cuts and affordable housing in his second Prime Minister’s Questions appearance.

A rarely-used procedure called a “fatal motion” is set to be tabled in the House of Lords this week, followed by a vote next week, with the specific design of preventing George Osborne from putting his controversial proposed £4bn tax credit cuts into law. In the House of Lords, Peers may table a “prayer” against a negative Statutory Instrument. Under the standard negative procedure, the Statutory Instrument is annulled if the prayer motion is agreed by the House within 40 days of the Statutory Instrument being laid.

Fatal motions are extremely rare, with only a very small number successfully passed since the 1960s, as Peers are wary of overreaching their usual delaying powers with such a drastic “nuclear option.”

But campaigners and crossbench, Labour and Liberal Democrat Peers…

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