Terminally Ill Company Director Announces Date Of Death On Linkedin

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A terminally ill company director has used his LinkedIn profile to announce the dates of his death and funeral before he ends his own life at a Swiss euthanasia clinic.

Simon Binner, 57, an operations director at Caremark – a health and social care organisation in Sutton, was diagnosed with aggressive motor neurone disease (MND) in January.

He updated his profile page on the professional networking site to say he will die this coming Monday and his funeral will be held on 13 November.

In a section entitled Patient, Cambridge-graduate Binner wrote: “I was diagnosed with aggressive [MND] on 7 January 2015. As I was driven home I had already decided what I would gladly have to do when my time was upon me.

“I died in Switzerland with Eternal Spirit on Monday 19 October 2015 and my funeral was on Friday 13 November 2015.

“My MND accelerated very rapidly…

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