July 7 Survivor Daniel Biddle’s Experience Of Disability Hate Crime

Same Difference

Being called “lazy and disrespectful” during a visit to the local tip isn’t the worst thing that’s happened to Daniel Biddle.

Ten years ago he lost both legs, an eye and his spleen during the horrific 7/7 London suicide bomb attacks that shocked the world.

 He has also been left deaf in one ear.

But when he didn’t get out of the car to help his wife off-load their rubbish at the tip recently, he became the victim of very different kind of attack, from an abusive woman branding him “lazy”.

Abuse ‘all too common’

According to Daniel, from Abergavenny , such casual abuse is all too common, and just one example of disability hate crime.

“I was at the local tip disposing of some rubbish with my wife,” he said.

“Because of the layout of the tip it was difficult for me to get out of the car and…

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