Carly Canavan- Mental Age 4, Forced To Prove She Can’t Work

Same Difference

A severely disabled young woman with a mental age of a four-year-old has been ordered to prove she cannot work.

Carly Canavan, 21, has been warned she will lose vital benefits if she and her family don’t fill in detailed forms and submit to their “work capability assessment” to the Department for Work and Pensions.

Carly distressed mum Victoria Lamont says Iain Duncan Smith’s department should already know her daughter will never be able to work, the Daily Record reported .

And she slammed the pen-pushers yesterday for hounding her family instead of making sure they get the help they need.

Victoria, 43, said: “Carly was born with part of her brain underdeveloped. It won’t grow back.

“She will never be independent. She won’t get any better.

“I have to help her with everything, from getting up to dressing and washing. She needs assistance when she goes to the toilet…

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