“Just because I can’t speak doesn’t mean I have nothing to say”

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October is International Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) awareness month. As Hilary Gardner from Communication Matters explains, there are many ways of communicating, not just with words.

Humans are great at communication. You might think I mean talking, but we communicate with our whole bodies – our hands, our eyes, our faces. We certainly know when someone is angry or happy without them needing to say! Of course, words are very powerful tools too, and we all enjoy a good story, whether it is read out of a book or spoken. Some people use very long sentences and others use single words that give just enough information.

There are many reasons why people cannot speak. They may never have developed the ability to speak out loud or they may have lost the ability to speak due to an illness or accident. However, they will have understanding of language ‘in their…

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