Black Triangle Website Back Online After Daily Mail Has It Shut Down

Same Difference

The Daily Mail was successful in shutting down the Black Triangle Campaign website by serving the disability campaign a ‘cease and desist’ letter from their lawyers.

Daily Mail Shuts Down BlackTriangle WebsiteThe Daily Mail ran a story about Nina Charbecks, claiming that she works four jobs/35 hours per week, and is £400 a month worse off than she would be if she received disability benefit. Online Bloggers found inconsistencies about this report and blogged about it.

After writing a blog on this issue, BlackTriangle received an email from their hosting company, Orange, informing them that their website is suspended until  “… any pages referring to Nina Charbecks the person. This is a breach of privacy laws displaying photos without permission. Your account is suspended until you make contact and change this.”

With the website suspended, Black Triangle simply could NOT gain access to their website to edit any of their website.  Since then, it has been made clear…

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