Boy, 11, Left Brain Damaged After Great Ormond Street Ignored Advice Of His Medical Scientist Mum

Same Difference

An 11-year old boy has been left brain damaged after a leading hospital ignored the advice of his medical scientist mother, she claims.

Gabrielle Ali says her son’s disabilities – which mean he cannot walk or talk – are the result of a series of blunders by Great Ormond Street.

After her son developed a complication following routine surgery at the world famous hospital, she was told to take son Elijah to her local hospital.

There, under direction of Great Ormond Street, Accident & Emergency doctors gave him a blood thinner called heparin that Miss Ali claims put Elijah into cardiac arrest.

She knew the blood thinner would damage her son but pleas to doctors were ignored.It was 45 minutes before the resuscitation team managed to restart her child’s heart.

After being starved of oxygen for so long, Elijah suffered serious brain damage and can no longer walk or…

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