Six Per Cent Of GPs Have Disabled Patients Who Attempted Or Committed Suicide Out Of Fear Of Fit To Work Tests

Same Difference

Six per cent of doctors have experienced a disabled patient who has attempted – or committed – suicide as a result of “undergoing, or fear of undergoing” the Government’s fitness to work test.

A survey of over of 1,000 GPs across the UK by ICM also found that one in five had at least one disabled patient who had thought about suicide because of the test, which is aimed at assessing whether people claiming incapacity benefit are fit to work.

The survey, highlighted by Exaro, the investigative website, also found 14 per cent had patients who had self-harmed as a result of the test.

The charity, Rethink Mental Illness, which commissioned the poll, said it showed that the work-capability assessments were pushing some of the most unwell and vulnerable people in  society “to the edge”.

Paul Jenkins, the charity’s chief executive said: “Many people who have a severe mental…

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