No Suitable Home For Brain Injured Gran, 82- Now Hospital Wants To Evict Her

Same Difference

This is so upsetting. Is it even legal for NHS hospitals to do this?

A frail 82-year-old woman has been served with an eviction notice in hospital where she has been since suffering a brain injury nine months ago.

Relatives of Joan Parker have spoken of their outrage after a senior NHS manager last week issued her with a letter telling her she had seven days to leave the hospital.

The drastic measure was taken by hospital bosses after the great-grandmother became embroiled in a merry-go-round with the local council, which has failed to relocate her to a sheltered home.

The widowed pensioner suffered a brain injury in a fall at her home in February and now requires a warden-patrolled flat which can meet her medical needs.

She was declared medically fit by doctors in June but has been trapped in the hospital for months because council officials have failed…

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