Homeless Pensioner Forced To Live In His Car While Battling Cancer Because His Housing Is Not A Priority

Same Difference

A pensioner is being forced to live in his car with his three dogs while he battles cancer, because he isn’t high up enough on the housing list. 

Ian Russell, 67, has been sleeping in his Ford Mondeo since March with his trio of Airedale terriers, waiting for somewhere to live.

Doctors, who also treat him for his diabetes, arthritis and angina, even have to make their ‘home visits’ to his car. 

A nurse visits him in the Ford every day to treat the painful sores that have developed on his skin.

‘The car smells and I have to have my sores bandaged up every day,’ said Mr Russell.

‘Nobody intends to end up homeless and desperate, but that’s what’s happened.’

The former draper, currently in remission after cancerous tumours were removed from his neck, still finds himself down the pecking order for social housing in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, despite…

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