Mother Of Severely Disabled Toddler Was Forced To Change Son In Front Of Customers At Packed London McDonald’s

Same Difference

A mother was ‘forced’ to change her severely ill toddler’s nappy in front of a packed McDonald’s restaurant after being refused access to the disabled toilets.

Katie Barker said her three-year-old boy, Mitchell, needed changing after their meal at the fast-food eatery on Eden Street, Kingston-upon-Thames, in London.

A sign on the disabled toilet door said the lock was broken, but Miss Barker didn’t mind using it, as going to the upstairs female toilets would have provided logistical problems. 

Mitchell was born with an extra chromosome and is thought to be the only child in the UK with his specific condition, which is said to be so rare that it doesn’t even have a name. 

He uses a special push chair to get around.

The three-year-old is incontinent, he can’t speak and he has multiple organ problems.

The family were told they couldn’t use the disabled toilets by a ‘rude’…

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