The Daily Mail & Disability

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Ahead of our film release today ‘Austere: The Levy on Disability’ Anita Bellows writes for the last day of Anti-Daily Mail week, on the tabloid’s misinformation of disability statistics.

by Anita Bellows

To say that disabled people have been the target of most coalition government welfare cuts would be to state the obvious, but in order to comprehend how the British public came to accept these cuts, it is essential to understand the role of the Daily Mail, which has been instrumental in the vilification of disabled people and in the rise of disability hate crime.

The Daily Mail’s modus operandi has been very simple:

  • Only focusing on disability benefit fraud, which accounts for just 0.7% of all benefits fraud
  • Publishing DWP figures without question or checks
  • Selective use of data or statistics
  • Giving data or statistics out of context or without context
  • Distorting the facts, using disparaging language


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