Mentioning Suicide To The DWP Makes You Suicidal

Same Difference

Police officers smashed down the front door of a Mansfield man’s flat after the DWP tipped them off he could be suicidal.

Kevan Ramsdale was settling down for the night in front of his TV with his headphones on when two policemen walked into his bedroom.

Kevan 52, said he was shocked and surprised to see the two men.

Mr Ramsdale who is in the process of making a claim with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), said: “I was talking to someone about my claim being delayed and I asked the woman on the phone if she had seen a Channel 4 Dispatches TV programme the night before showing how many people had committed suicide after having their benefits cut.

“I said it was no wonder people did it because the DWP make life so difficult for them. I didn’t think any more about it.”

He said at…

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