Housing Benefit Will Be Sanctioned For Part Time Workers Under UC

Same Difference

Thank goodness, this will only apply to those not eligible for ESA.

However it could still affect many disabled people. Some disabled people are not able to work full time, but are able to work part time if suitable work becomes available.

The fear that their housing benefit could be sanctioned if they do not ‘try hard enough’ to look for full time work will cause extremely high levels of stress, particularly because they genuinely cannot do full time work and will never be able to.

It may even discourage disabled people who are able to do part time work from applying for any. They may choose instead to do no work and claim ESA or JSA as these benefits are not affected by this rule. Wouldn’t that go against everything the Government says they are trying to do?

Part-time workers judged to be doing too little to find…

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