Watchdog’s Chilling Threat To The Elderly And Disabled- Pay Carers A Pension Or Be Fined

Same Difference

More than 100,000 elderly and disabled people have been warned they face a £400 fine or prosecution if they don’t set up a pension for their carer.

Charities say they have been flooded with calls from the frail and vulnerable who have been left terrified by the threatening tone of letters sent out by watchdog The Pensions Regulator.

It demands they have a legal duty to pay into a pension for their employees or face penalties.

Those affected all receive money from their local council to pay for their care, but have been unwittingly caught up in an overhaul to pensions.

Since October 2012, all employers have had to automatically sign up staff members into a pension and pay contributions on their behalf. Initially just big businesses had to do this, but now smaller firms are being included.

Those who might not consider themselves as employers at all are now…

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