The Ongoing Embarrassment Of St Mary’s House

Same Difference

This is a guest post by Stephen Springer MBE, Lead Officer, User Involvement & Independent Living at Livability. Published with thanks.

In 2012 campaigners first raised the issue of the accessibility of St. Mary’s House assessment centre in Norwich, which is used by Atos to assess the ability of disabled people to work.

It’s a hardly believable irony at first glance, but the assessment centre is based on the second floor, making, in the words of the Department for Work and Pensions, “evacuation in the event of a fire difficult.” An MP said it was unacceptable, DWP said they were investigating and Atos (the assessor) said the building was the government’s responsibility.

Fast forward two and a half years and the situation is no less murky. In mid-2014, the then minister for disabled people said the centre would be shut down entirely, whilst DWP said they hoped to secure ground…

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