The general election HB figures released – Welfare Reform costs MORE and not a penny saved


2 thoughts on “The general election HB figures released – Welfare Reform costs MORE and not a penny saved

  1. In many blogs, it is said again and again of the huge cost of Department of Work and Pensions and private contract welfare admin costs.

    The number of employed DWP sanction decision-makers has trebled since 2006.

    There has been a huge rise in the number of malnutrition hospital admissions, so starvation caused by many months long sanctions causes funding issues on the cash strapped NHS.

    It takes about a month to starve to death, so sanctions many months long has obvious consequences.

    Sanctioned people shoplift for food, have funding implciations to police, courts, and prisons.

    Maximus private contract in welfare admin is costing double what Atos’ contract did in disability benefit assessment.

    There are 1 million people aged between 60-64 on some sort of welrare,
    instead of being paid the state pension because of the raised retirement age, who therefore equally share the pain of sanctions, Bedroom Tax, and workfare, even if disabled and / or chronic sick.

    The Tories are thinking of cutting the current state pension to pensioners if they win in 2015.

    Pension credit is lost from the savings component in 2016 and more complex conditionality will cut guarantee credit even to current pensioners.

    The new pensioners retiring from next year are already getting official government forecasts as low as £55 per week with no top ups, even if a lifetime in work paying National Insurance. The current full state pension (with a lot less received by huge numbers, especially women on as little as £30 per week) is £113.10.

    There will be huge numbers of men and women with
    in a nation with ever dwindling welfare state
    and where some benefits end at 65.
    See why, under my petition, in my WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT section, at:

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