Leukamia Boy Tommi Miller, 7, Has DLA Reinstated

Same Difference

A pleasant update on a story covered last month.

A U-turn by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) was met with cheers from a small, but vocal, group of protestors gathered outside Chesterton Road’s Job Centre on Friday 6th February, in support of seven-year-old Cambridge resident and cancer sufferer, Tommi Miller.

The organisers took action after learning that Tommi’s family had been forced to rely on food bank assistance for months, following the DWP’s refusal last year to award Disability Living Allowance.

The family had previously received the benefit but, when Tommi briefly went into remission last April, the support was withdrawn, despite his ongoing medical treatment.

When the cancer returned in September – affecting Tommi’s spinal cord, brain stem and bone marrow – the family continued to be denied benefits.

His mother, Ruth, explained that Tommi had recently undergone “eighteen sessions of radiotherapy to the brain,” with a…

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