Disabled DWP Worker Wins £13000 Unfair Dismissal Payout

Same Difference

A disabled Angus woman forced to lie on the floor at work to alleviate pain has won a £13,000 settlement from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Ann Marie Caldwell, of Slade Gardens, Kirriemuir, felt so pressured to return to work at the DWP in Dundee she was prepared to kneel at her desk.

The UK Government agency has been criticised by a Dundee employment tribunal judge over its handling of the case, after the panel ruled they had sacked her unfairly.

Tribunal chairman Ian McFatridge said he found it “a quite extraordinary state of affairs” that the DWP failed to timeously process an application for injury benefit leave, deciding instead to sack the 51-year-old.

A £12,971.04 payout has now been ordered, with a further hearing to be held to ascertain compensation for pension loss.

The tribunal heard the agency had not followed its own policies in respect of…

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