Amputee Refused ATOS Assessment- For Being In A Wheelchair

Same Difference

A man who had part of his leg amputated was turned away from an interview for disability benefit because he was in a wheelchair.

Michael Sparks, from Beaulieu, Hampshire, arrived at the Bournemouth assessment centre but was told he could not use the lift to the first floor.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) said clients needed to inform staff in advance of access issues.

Mr Sparks has now been given an appointment for a home assessment.

He said he had waited 40 weeks for the appointment after applying for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) – the benefit replacing Disability Living Allowance – despite being told there was a 26-week wait.

After several calls to Atos, which carries out assessments for the DWP, he was given an appointment at Tamarisk House in Bournemouth but when he arrived, he was told he could not use the lift in case there was…

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