CRISIS: Daily Mail’s Caps Lock button has broken


The Daily Mail newspaper is in crisis after the Caps Lock button on its keyboard broke following overuse.

The editorial board of the right-wing rag have convened a special emergency crisis meeting aimed at resolving the issue. Some insiders have suggested writing headlines using really big marker pens in the interim to reassure readers that the paper remains very angry.

The button broke after a really angry correspondent, working on a story that combined bad weather, immigration and Rihanna, hit it really hard ‘because the letters just didn’t look angry enough’.

However, other people suggested the news could be a good thing. Mancunian Dave Ramsbottom said, “I feel a whole new sense of calm now because I haven’t got a Daily Mail headline about benefits screaming back at me from the newspaper stand.”

The Daily Mail's caps lock button is fucked. The Daily Mail’s caps lock button is fucked.

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