Ian Mulholland- Sanctioned, Starved, Jailed

Same Difference

The story of Ian Mulholland, who is now in jail for stealing food, is a sad indictment of Tory Britain.

Yesterday’s news that Ian Mulholland, a 47 year old recovering drug addict, received a custodial sentence for stealing food after he had been sanctioned by the DWP should have been front-page news throughout the nation.  The sad fact that it isn’t tells us how far the media has been normalised to the harshess of Westminster, neo-liberal politics.

Mr Mulholland, who is facing leg amputation, was sanctioned for 9-weeks by his local jobcentre for missing an appointment.  Mr Mulholland missed this appointment after his ulcerated legs left him unable to get to the jobcentre.

Hunger, lack of funds and his inability to get to a local foodbank forced Mr Mulholland to take drastic action. He stole three packets of casserole steak, worth £12.50, from his local Sainsbury’s store.

This is a prime…

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