DWP Manager’s Carer’s Allowance Fraud

Same Difference

Readers, next time someone at the JobCentre annoys you, show them this!

A manager with the Department of Work and Pensions(DWP) defrauded her own employers by claiming she needed a constant carer to help her get through the day and night.

Gina Duane, 34, said she even needed the companion to advise her how to dress, and accompany her to and from work and to watch over her as she slept

As a result she was paid the highest possible rate carers allowance for what a court heard was a bi-polar condition.

But the communications manager with the DWP has now been exposed as a cheat.

Sentencing her, a magistrate said: “You are an experienced officer with the DWP and knew the rules, but you chose not to follow them.”

When her £28,000-a-year job required her to travel to meetings around the UK, she would use the trains, taxis and…

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