Cancer Patient Sacked- For Takng Too Much Time Off Sick

Same Difference

From the Mirror:

Lorraine started working for adult care provider SEQOL in Swindon, Wiltshire, in August 2009 on a full-time permanent contract.

It was her dream job as a re-enablement officer, supporting patients leaving hospital and assessing if they are capable of living at home.

In early 2012, she was signed off work for four months after she was diagnosed non-alcohol liver disease and needed regular hospital trips to see a specialist.

She returned to work after four months as planned, until she began to experience headaches in early 2013, which was initially put down to stress.

Following six months of headaches and nosebleeds she was told she had nasal septum cancer and signed off work in July 2013 and began undergoing biopsies.

The cancer was found to have spread, but following four operations on her nose she returned to work in October 2013.

In April this year, the cancer…

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