Terminally Ill Man Asks For Jail Sentence- So He Can Eat Three Meals A Day

Same Difference

A terminally ill man thanked the chairman of magistrates who jailed him for eight weeks for smashing windows at BradfordCrown Court.

Derek Joinson, 56, of Spring Road, Keighley, appeared at Calderdale Magistrates’ Court today (Monday) and pleaded guilty to breaking two windows, estimated to the value of £500, at Bradford Crown Court on September 21.

The court heard that Joinson had intended to cause the damage to the building. He handed himself in and asked to be jailed during his police interview.

Joinson, who has chronic renal failure and angina, stated that he only gets £50 a week in benefits and urged the court to send him to Armley Prison so he could get three meals a day and a plasma television.

Shiraz Hussain, defending, said: “It is a sad state of affairs that Mr Joinson finds himself in. He has asked for a custodial sentence and he isn’t…

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