Tory MP Guto Bebb Tells Autistic Man ‘Not To Comment’ Because Of MH Issues

Same Difference

This is unbelievable. He should be named and shamed and should apologise publicly, if not resign.

A Tory MP told an autistic man not to comment on public affairs due to his mental health issues.

Insensitive Guto Bebb also dismissed Dylan Barlow’s Asperger’s syndrome as a “sob story” in a series of emails after his constituent raised questions on foreign matters.

The MP for Aberconwy, North Wales, wrote: “If you have mental health issues then you should possibly refrain from commenting in the public domain since it might create problems for you.”

Mr Barlow, 27, later said the MP was living “in the dark ages” and fumed: “We live in an age of free speech and for a politician to believe otherwise, goes to show the problems we face in our daily struggles.”

Mary Wimbury, Labour’s general election candidate for Aberconwy, said the Tory MP’s comments were inexcusable.

She said:…

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