Government ‘not budging’ on public sector pay and pensions

The lovely wibbly wobbly old lady

I know that not everyone agrees with strike action by public sector workers, but hear me out if you will.
I am a public sector worker and have been for some time, when Thatcher was in power, it was agreed, with government and the unions, that public sector workers (the majority anyway) would accept lower wages for enhanced pension and redundancy rights; but now, the government are tearing up those existing contracts … that is illegal.I thought I was going to be able to retire at 60 (I’ve been working since I was 17) but now, I will have to remain in work (if my health permits) until 66 at the least, because of changes to the state pension. Talk about this government moving the goal posts half way through the game!In my social circle, I have conversations with fire officers and prison officers; here’s some of the things they’ve told…

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